In Memory

Greg Verstine

Greg Verstine

Greg's pictures from Polaris:

Industrial Maintenance - 1977

Greg is shown in this 1977 group picture 3rd from the right.

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05/02/09 09:22 AM #1    

Kevin E Butler

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. "
~ G. Randolf
Greg and I were best friends in elementary school. We fought over Miss Zaccaro's attention in 4th grade and he taught me how to build car models. I lost touch w/ him a few years after high school. I was sorry to hear he passed away.

05/04/09 11:27 AM #2    

Christa L Myers

Even though we weren't really close in high school, Greg always recognized me around town in the early 90's. He went out of his way to speak with me and always said "you look exactly the same as you did in high school." At the time, I'm not sure I took this as a compliment, but I'd sure like to hear it now! Greg was a kind and gentle spirit.

05/05/09 11:31 PM #3    

Michael J Masuga

I remember Greg ripping an awesome lead guitar riff on a Chicago tune live in our auditorium with the jazz band. It was good!!! Miss ya Greg.

06/12/09 08:08 AM #4    

Timothy J Faska

Would have liked to have seen you as a middle-aged man. We had some good laughs. The ultimate was the car chase through the commons and the Berea pool and subsequent crash on Wyleswood Drive. May the hand of God have guided you across the river ol' buddy.

06/15/09 03:42 PM #5    

Christopher M Wetzel

Hi Greg, fought with Mr. Mercer and walked out of jazz band again, eh? You look at peace with the world here, thanks for playing a minute for me. I always liked your guitar, a National 'New Yorker'. Pretty rare, then and now, odd, Todd Coleman in Berea also had a identical instrument. "...Time, like fleety chaff doth fly...." R.I.P. ~ CW

07/23/09 08:47 PM #6    

Mary Lynne Madzy

Greg and I went to Lechner together. He had such a wild sense of humor. So Sorry to hear that he has passed away. Godd blees you Greg! Does anyone know what happened?

10/02/09 01:03 PM #7    

Terry S Collins

Greg introduced me to George Benson's Breezin album. It may still be the best selling jazz album of all time. I always admired his musicianship and his kindness. He was always pleasant to be around. He was modest about his talent but he really dedicated himself to learn a style of playing that was not popular among kids his age. I have thought of him often whenever I hear George Benson or Wes Montgomery on the radio and I was really saddened to learn he had passed away. I was hoping to see him again one day at a reunion. My best to his family.

01/05/10 10:26 PM #8    

Gretchen White

I looked around at the library today to see if any obit was available. The only thing I found was that he died at home in Westlake, August 1998. Rest In Peace.

04/26/10 01:04 AM #9    

Cliff J Spangler

the attic space in his parents house; music, pot smoke, Hendrix, he coined the phrase "shitfuckingkey". Crash-n-burn mono-shock madman. original BMX. Him, Eric Elliot, and I on the tracks...
I am truly saddened beyond comprehension.
this sucks.

12/30/13 11:35 AM #10    

Edward Duffy

I knew Greg quite well and having been out of the country was sad to read of his passing. He loved to ride motorcycles and was quite the motocross racer . I remember how he always had all that gear and all his trophies. He was quite the jokester in class. He always made funny sounds, especially that "drip" sound. I liked Greg. I lost touch, but I'm sure if we saw each other it would be memorable. We were both goof-offs who never worked to our potential in HS. He was a great mechanic. I'm sure he's working on his bike; getting it ready for a race. You're missed Greg. I also wanted to say how great it was to be in shop class with Greg. He was so mehanically inclined and smart. 

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