In Memory

Paul A Marciniak

Paul A Marciniak

Paul passed away on 1-19-2015.
He is survived by his mother, Alice.
Affable and talented, Paul will be missed by many.


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01/30/15 12:15 PM #9    

Aaron Bernard Neely

so sorry to hear about Paul he use to stop by my house on the way to work, every now and then he used to play the guitar with my neighbor Brian. Always just paul.

01/30/15 03:56 PM #10    

David A Cook

When I moved to Berea in fourth grade of course all the guys had established patterns and friendships.  I remember vividly trying to join in to football recess the first day.  I was the smallest guy out there and nobody picked me for sides.  Paul had obviously been one of the leaders and quarterbacks.  I kind of drifted on to his team.  I had never met him before,  and the first play he threw me the ball.   That  was him.

01/31/15 09:10 AM #11    

Neil Steinberg

I was friends with Paul in Fairwood School. It was so long ago, all I remember is him and ... Rusty Perry coming over to sleep in the Shed -- really a tight, two story A frame building my father built in the backyard, with a storage area on the first floor and a ladder that went, via a secret hatch, into a clubhouse on the second. I remember staying up late, and candy was involved, and the three of us explored the neighborhood at night. There was something thrilling in being 12 and being out in the middle of the night, in the empty subdivision, and your parents not knowing. We went to junior high and drifted apart. But I always remember that sleepover, and when I'd pass Paul in the hall, we'd say hey to each other, since we were pals.


I'm sorry to hear about his passing, and my condelensces to all who knew and loved him. 


02/01/15 01:53 PM #12    

Gregory D Cole

it really hits home when you read about could be any one of us,thoughts and prayers for Pauls family in their loss...was a class member with paul from grade school thru high school.

02/01/15 02:21 PM #13    

Max Dehn

Thanks for the great pic Gretchen. Great reminder of how fun it was to be around Paul. 

02/03/15 08:36 PM #14    

Michael J Masuga

I have looked many times over the past few years to see if Paul had ever signed on to this site and kinda laughed to myself and thought "Yeah Right". I think i first met him as a result of having last names in close spelling proximity. Home room to be accurate. I will always remember him as a happy go lucky guy who loved music and one of the guys who could really play guitar. He always was in tune with the good music of the day and was one of a few guys who turned me on to playing guitar. Rock on Paul. Way too young my friend...way too young.

05/20/15 08:24 AM #15    

David Farmer

Follow the link for info on a memorial event:

David Farmer


05/29/15 03:01 PM #16    

Ken Schroeder

Greetings David,


I'm sure it is hard to believe that someone doesn't connect with Facebook, but I am holding out. I did get the info from a "Facebooker" but anyone else who can't follow the link might want to know that the event for Paul is planned for June 20th at Sporties.


Hope all are well, Ken

05/30/15 09:17 AM #17    

David Farmer

Thanks Ken! Potluck from 3-8pm, music from 5-8pm, cash bar inside. 

05/30/15 07:37 PM #18    

Dave Kraus

Yeah, I had to have my daughter use her Facebook to see it also.
Unfortunatley I won't be able to attend but I may place a call to the "Man" during the festivities to speak to some of you guys.smiley

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