Profile Updated: May 3, 2009
Residing In: Wooster,, OH USA
Military Service: Retired USA 100% Disabled  
Children: 0
Yes! Attending Reunion
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1094 Mindy Lane
Wooster, Ohio 44691



School Memories:

Many, from photography to music to even singing the Meshia with the Cleveland Symphony, also someone named I think naamed Wayne Tornga! Covering him in pancake makeup for some play and Dennis Kucinich's then Wife helping me and Dennis was a royal crab ( I guess he hatted being there) Many little pieces but they would need refreshing. Also Campus Life? I think I had something to do with that.

Favorite Teachers/Teacher stories

A home ec. Teacher I can't remember her name and my Goverment Teacher was simply amazing as was the music Teacher I have no Idea of any of there names

Who do you still see/hang out with from high school?

I'm sad to say no one I've unfortunately had a VERY TOUGH Life. Nothing has quite gone right for me. Although I still am able to laugh constantly and I'm still the eternal optimist. I live alone and My passion loves and lives are my 2 English boxhead Labs. They come up to ones knee but they still weigh 90 pounds a piece and solid black. Should someone break in they would probably be licked to death.


That's about it I'm sad to say I've done more, experienced more and seen more then most people have seen in a life time. (And I'm sad to say it's mostly not been all that great) Unfortunately my body has become physically and mentally exhausted. So I've been forced to taking life kind of quitely over the past 2 years due to some intense physical recovering. I never thought I'd be alone in my life @ this age, yet I guess that is just how life is dealt. It's not so bad I'm amazed with all that I've done and all that I've experienced. The only thing missing is being able to meet people and have them as long time friends. Because I've moved so much. I'm home for now & I kinda feels good...

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