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William D. Weisbrod II of our Class of 1978 will be inducted into the Distinguished Alumni Hall Of Fame!

The 21st Annual Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Program will take place on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at Berea High School.  Tickets are $20/person.  Call 216-898-8300 ext. 6276 for ticket information.

Weisbrod of The Woodlands, Texas, is chief operating officer of The Wood Group, an international energy services company with revenues of more than $5 billion a year. He graduated from Tri-State University in Indiana with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, and earned his master's degree from the University of Indianapolis. He previously served on the Board of Directors for the Fisher Business College of Ohio State University and was a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers where he chaired committees and wrote technology standards. Weisbrod also established internship programs for high school and college students at the various companies for which he worked. He has been active in raising funds for United Way, Clothe-a-Child and Earth Day. He also has been a community coach for boys and girls soccer and girls slow pitch softball.



Will Barclay wins the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge again in 2011! 

From the Cape Breton Post, Nova Scotia, August 19, 2011:$250,000-Hoka-Hey-Motorcycle-Challenge-prize/1

The endurance challenge began Aug. 5 in Phoenix, Arizona, and continued through 48 states and part of Canada, before ending outside the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion, where Barclay was greeted by his family, challenge officials and a large crowd of local motorcycle enthusiasts.

Exhausted, Barclay still took time to accept congratulations and shake hands with a number of well-wishers and spoke briefly about his journey.

“We are so fortunate to share an amazing continent that you really get to see if you do it this way, on two-lane roads with nothing between you and the environment. It’s an amazing place, a lot of beauty, a lot of beautiful people, a lot of beautiful wildlife, a lot of nature is not yet gone,” he said.

Barclay is set to take home $250,000 for crossing the finish line first. In order to make the results official, Barclay’s bike was quarantined and will be checked for mechanical fitness, and any illegal performance enhancements, fuels or banned content. He must also complete a lie detector test to ensure all rules and routes were followed, and a drug screening test.

Will Barclay, right, was first to cross the finish line of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, a two-week, 10,000-plus mile journey, that concluded in Sydney, Friday.


Billy Hufsey was interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal on July 28, 2011, regarding his Billy Hufsey School of Professional Performing Arts.


"What I lacked in innate ability I made up for in fortitude and tenacity -- I said, 'You're not going to outwork me,' " says ex-"Fame" star Billy Hufsey, who teaches the same mindset to young performers, including those pictured above, at the Billy Hufsey School of Professional Performing Arts on Silvestri Lane in Henderson. The school's mission is to prepare the students for careers in TV, film and pop music.

"When I meet my maker, he's not going to say, 'What kind of car did you drive?' He's blessed me," Hufsey says in what sounds like a permanent mantra for the talent-turned-teacher. "I think it's my job later in life to help other kids live the dream that I once lived."

Read the full story here:

Billy Hufsey is one of our more famous classmates with a long career as a singer, actor, and musician.  Billy was also inducted into the Berea High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 1998.  One of Billy's many performances was in the "Fame" TV series that ran from 1982-1987. 


"('Fame') was the best show in the world," says Billy Hufsey, seen here (third from right) in a publicity still from the 1982-87 NBC series, based on the movie. "I get chills thinking about it and what came out of it."

You can visit Billy at his website:

Neil Steinberg

Neil Steinberg is in the news every day.  Neil founded and edited the BHS student magazine "The Blurr", and is now a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, and an author of six books.  He has also written for The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, Forbes, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Details and Men's Journal.  Neil was also inducted into the Berea High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 2001.  You can read Neil's columns at the Sun Times here:


Will Barkley WINS Hoka-Hey Challenge!


From Libby Bender Benton on 8/18/2010:


"Since we all missed seeing Will at the Reunion...although he had a completely legitimate reason for being a “no-show”!   

Here’s a YouTube video from August 12th of the 2010 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Award Ceremony at Broken Spoke Campground in Sturgis, South Dakota. During the 70th Annual Sturgis Rally, Jim Red Cloud Durham awarded Will $500,000 for 1st place in the 1st Annual 2010 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.

Congratulations on not only your phenomenal accomplishment, but in how you have handled your victory and the small minority of vocal online “whiners” with class and integrity! Way to “represent” Will."



Lisa Cola's mom remembers Fairwood.



Class of 1978 Christa Myers (now a BHS science teacher) is in the news.

Christa myers coe lake